Issue 22 – May 2013

A film guide for May 2013.

Reviews include:

The Great Gatsby,
Star Trek: Into Darkness,
The Hangover Part 3,
21 & Over,
Fast and Furious 6,

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Issue 21 – April 2013

A film guide for April 2013.

Reviews include:

Iron Man 3,
The Place Beyond The Pines,
Spring Breakers,
Evil Dead,
Scary Movie 5,
Promised Land.

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Issue 20 – March 2013

A film guide for March 2013.

Reviews include:

Side Effects,
Oz: The Great And Powerful,
Welcome To The Punch,
Robot and Frank,
The Guilt Trip,
Identity Thief,
The Paperboy,
The Host,
Red Dawn,
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,
The Croods,

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Our Top 10 Films of 2012

It’s been a very hit and miss year for film this year with some exceptional releases scattered throughout 2012, but with some completely disappointing films filling in the months between (Anything involving Taylor Kitsch, I’m looking at you!). From the end of trilogies to the start of new ones, and from the combination of many film characters into one big blockbuster to some brilliant novel adaptations, we’ve certainly had it all.

Here’s our top tens, which you can read in December’s Issue.

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